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Next Day Delivery £9.95 2PM Cut Off
Pre-Cut Vinyl Laminate Effect Flooring - Now Available!

Pre-Cut Vinyl Laminate Effect Flooring - Now Available!


Are you looking to give your Volkswagen Transporter T5 or T6 a fresh new look? Look no further than our new product: pre-cut vinyl flooring that is specifically designed to fit your VW Transporter T5 or T6, whether it's a short-wheelbase (SWB) or long-wheelbase (LWB) model. Available in seven stylish colors, our pre-cut vinyl flooring is the perfect solution for anyone looking to upgrade their van's interior.

Why Choose Pre-Cut Vinyl Flooring?

Our pre-cut vinyl flooring is a great option for anyone who wants to upgrade the interior of their VW Transporter without having to hire a professional to do the job. Unlike traditional flooring options, such as tiles or hardwood, our vinyl flooring is easy to install and can be done in just a few hours.

Additionally, our vinyl flooring is incredibly durable and long-lasting. It is made from high-quality materials that are resistant to scratches, stains, and water damage. This means that your new flooring will stay looking great for years to come, even if you use your van for heavy-duty work or outdoor adventures.

Available Colours

We offer our pre-cut vinyl flooring in seven beautiful colours: Teak, Maple, Natural Oak, Spruce, Black, Light Grey, and Dark Grey. Whether you want to create a warm, inviting interior with our Natural Oak or Teak flooring, or a sleek and modern look with our Black or Dark Grey options, we have a colour to suit your style.

How to Install Pre-Cut Vinyl Flooring in Your VW Transporter

Installing our pre-cut vinyl flooring in your VW Transporter is a simple and straightforward process. Here are the steps to follow:

Clean the van floor: Make sure the floor of your van is clean and free of any debris or dust.

Lay out the flooring: Unroll the pre-cut vinyl flooring and lay it out on the floor of your van. Make sure it is lined up correctly and fits snugly against the walls.

Cut to size: Use a sharp utility knife to cut the vinyl flooring to fit your van's floor exactly. Make sure to cut around any obstacles, such as the wheel wells or seat mounts.

Secure in place: Once the flooring is cut to size, use a strong adhesive to secure it in place. Make sure to apply the adhesive evenly across the entire floor to ensure a strong bond.

Enjoy your new interior: Once the adhesive has dried, your new pre-cut vinyl flooring is ready to use. Enjoy your van's fresh new look!